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[33] Die F-14 Tomcat konnte auch präzisionsgelenkte Munition der Paveway- und JDAM-Serien zur Bekämpfung von Bodenzielen einsetzen. The avionics within the cockpit comprise of a Kaiser AN/AVG-12 HUD along a AN/AVA-12 vertical and horizontal situation display, communications and direction-finders embedded in the AWG-9 radar display, the Central Air Data Computer (CADC) made by GarretAiResearch with a MOSFET-based Large-Scale Integration chipset MP944. Visual Guide, Seconsat, trans.].

The ultimate solution was an upgrade to the ALR-67 then being developed, but it would not be ready until the advent of the F-14A+ later in the 1980s.[55]. [2.0] Iranian Tomcats / Tomcat Improvements. Tomcats also took part in the failed operation to free the American hostages in Iran.

[52] Additionally, an 80th F-14A was manufactured for Iran, but was delivered to the US Navy.[48]. 161860 F-14B - Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Blue Grass Airport, Lexington, KY. From VF 32. Considering the performance the Tomcat had and its very active service throughout its career, it fulfilled its purpose. After a visit of U.S. President Richard Nixon to Iran in 1972, during which Iran was offered the latest in American military technology, the IIAF narrowed its choice to the F-14 Tomcat or McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Fuel, electronics, flight controls, and the wing-sweep mechanism are all housed in the fuselage "pancake". F3F • The F-14 Tomcat is a double-seat tandem, twin-engine, double-tail, all-weather carrier-based fighter and interceptor and later gaining multi-role capability, with numerous remarkable features.

There are no hardpoints on the sweeping parts of the wings, and so all the armaments are fitted on the belly between the air intakes and on pylons under the wing gloves.[27]. In diesem Fall wird das Ziel passiv erfasst, und das Radar beleuchtet das Ziel zu gegebener Zeit.

The United States Marine Corps was initially interested in the F-14 as an F-4 Phantom II replacement and went so far as to send pilots and radar intercept officers to Fighter Squadron One Twenty-Four (VF-124), the Pacific Fleet Replacement Squadron for the F-14, to train as instructors. Another benefit was allowing the Tomcat to cruise comfortably above 30000 ft (m {{{4}}}), which increased its range and survivability. [56][57] The U.S. Navy suffered its only F-14 loss from enemy action on 21 January 1991 when BuNo 161430, an F-14A upgraded to an F-14A+, from VF-103 was shot down by an SA-2 surface-to-air missile while on an escort mission near Al Asad airbase in Iraq. Other avionics (such as IFF, communication radios, direction-finding equipment, etc) are near the RIO's position, and are mostly integrated into the AWG-9 display system. Approximately 65 F-14As and all F-14Ds were modified to carry the pod. National Naval Aviation Museum., Sharpe, M (2001).

Am 18. TARPS wurde 1980 in der Flotte eingeführt und erwies sich als sehr wertvoll, da zu dieser Zeit mit der RF-8G Crusader das letzte spezialisierte Aufklärungsflugzeug aus dem aktiven Dienst ausschied.

[14] Zur gleichen Zeit wurde mit der Entwicklung der F-14D begonnen, welche GE F110-400-Triebwerke, verbesserte Avionik, Glascockpit und Link 16 erhielt. The Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) would receive pod imagery on a 10-inch Programmable Tactical Information Display (PTID) or another Multi-Function Display in the F-14[28][29] rear cockpit and guided LGBs using a new hand controller installed on the right side console. [23] Das doppelte Seitenruder verbessert die Gierstabilität auch bei hohen Anstellwinkeln, ohne die Maschine unnötig hoch zu bauen. Commonly, this means a maximum of two–four Phoenixes or Sparrows on the belly stations, two Phoenixes/Sparrows on the wing hardpoints, and two Sidewinders on the wing hardpoints.

Spangenberg before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee, June 1973.”, "Part II: THE JET AGE, Chapter 10: Technology of the Jet Airplane, Turbojet and Turbofan Systems.

Many of these patrols had the support of Boeing 707-3J9C in-flight refueling tankers. XF10F • [32][34] The F-14 is an air superiority fighter, not just a long-range interceptor aircraft.

160898 F-14A - Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA, 160902 F-14A - Grumman Memorial Park, Calverton, NY, 161163 F-14D - Prairie Aviation Museum, Bloomington, IL. During the Cold War and in the North Atlantic, it was a routine for the F-14 to execute long-range interceptions of Soviet bombers and maritime reconnaissance aircraft that were flying too close to the aircraft carrier groups, such as the Tupolev Tu-95, Tupolev Tu-16 Badger, Tupolev M-4 Bison, Antonov An-12 Cub and Illyushin Il-38 May. The radome at front hinges upwards to allow access to radar. Reportedly, Iranian Tomcats were escorting Russian bombers performing air strikes against ISIS in 2015, the last to remain in active service. F6F • [78], Following the US Navy's retirement of its Tomcats in 2006, Iran sought to purchase spare parts for its aircraft. On February 16, 2019, Photos Showed F-14 Snared In Carrier’s Crash Barricade.Photos appeared online showed F-14 Snared In Carrier’s Crash Barricade on USS Theodore Roosevelt – So SPOILER ALERT we might see Tense tomcat emergency landing into the ship’s … Später konnten auch noch Zieldaten des Joint Tactical Information Distribution System eingeblendet werden. [11] TARPS system was introduced in 1980. [citation needed] The F110-400 engine provided a significant increase in thrust, producing 23,400 lbf (104 kN) with afterburner at sea level, which rose to 30,200 lbf (134 kN) at Mach 0.9. The wings do not carry any weapon stations, but the wing pivot point beneath the wing glove and the fuselage itself are the areas where the payload is carried. C-100 • There are also unconfirmed reports of the downing of 10 more Tomcats. The role of then Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara was also crucial in this case, as he directed the Navy to take part in the Tactical Fighter Experimental program. But like a cat ambushing its prey, the enemy air assets fled from the Tomcat only to be destroyed by other fighters. Various tests were also performed at the Bethpage Plant. Das zweite Versuchsflugzeug absolvierte seinen Erstflug am 24. The F-14 with the General Electric F110 engines had a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.73 at maximum weight, and 0.88 at normal takeoff weight. (1972). [citation needed] The F-14B arrived in time to participate in Desert Storm.

Zandi was credited with downing 11 Iraqi fighter jets over the course of the war.

Only the pilot has flight controls. An SA-2 was fired at the second Tomcat while conducting 10,000-ft mapping profile at max conserve setting.

[19], With time, the early versions of all the missiles were replaced by more advanced versions, especially with the move to full solid-state electronics that allowed better reliability, better ECCM and more space for the rocket engine. Aviones Militares, Guia Visual [Military Aircraft. Schon kurz nach Kinostart stürmten junge Männer die Rekrutierungsbüros der Navy und wollten Tomcat-Piloten werden. ",, "Capt.

Iraqi fighters routinely retreated as soon as the Tomcats "lit them up" with the AWG-9.

[20] By itself, the fuselage provides approximately 40 to 60 percent of the F-14's aerodynamic lifting surface depending on the wing sweep position. Schließlich erhielt Grumman, die seit drei Jahrzehnten immer wieder erfolgreiche Flugzeugmuster für die Navy gebaut hatten, im Januar 1969 den Zuschlag.

[19] As a result, the aircraft was designed to act effectively in every aspect of air combat.

[5] Das Gesamtdruckverhältnis verbesserte sich hier auf etwa 30:1, die Turbineneintrittstemperatur nach der Ringbrennkammer erhöhte sich auf 1783 K. Der spezifische Verbrauch im Nachbrennerbetrieb konnte auf 65 g/kNs reduziert werden, der Verbrauch im Trockenschub blieb gleich.

The "TARPS Digital (TARPS-DI)" was a 1996 upgrade featuring a digital camera.

[citation needed]. Since 1995, F-14s were often equipped with an optional Lockheed Martin’s LANTIRN precision strike navigation pod.

The seats are Martin-Baker GRU-7A ejection seats.

158627 – Hickory Aviation Museum, Hickory, NC.

[87], In November 2015, Iranian F-14s had been reported flying escort for Russian Tu-95 bombers on air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Studies in Political Science with a minor degree in Philosophy. In 1994, Congress would reject Grumman proposals to the Navy to upgrade the Tomcat beyond the D model (such as the Super Tomcat 21, the cheaper QuickStrike version, and the more advanced Attack Super Tomcat 21).

[76] Aviation Week estimated it had 19 operational F-14s in January 2013,[77] and Flight Global estimated that 28 were in service in 2014. Durch das Abschwenken der Tragflächen wird der Druckpunkt weiter nach hinten gesetzt, zusätzlich verschiebt sich der Druckpunkt beim transsonischen Durchgang weiter nach hinten. It also had a AN/ALR-45 and AL/ALR-67 (F-14D) RWR, a AN/ALQ-167 ECM pod and a AN/ALQ-50 towed decoy (the two last ones in the F-14D). Automatically deployed at above Mach 1.4, they allowed the F-14 to pull 7.5 g at Mach 2 and could be manually extended with wings swept full aft.

Aircraft Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The Quickstrike was to fill the role of the A-6 Intruder after it was retired. [11], Ende der 1970er-Jahre wurde das Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS) für die F-14 entwickelt. VFAX was revived in the 1970s as a lower cost solution to replacing the Navy and Marine Corps's fleets of F-4s, and A-7s.

[26] Bei der F-14D wurde das AWG-9 durch das modernere APG-71 ersetzt. [21] A quick, inexpensive upgrade using the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night (LANTIRN) targeting pod was devised. 1960-2002.. N.R.P.
The Tomcat was developed for the United States Navy's Naval Fighter Experimental (VFX) program after the collapse of the F-111B project. Schon früh wurde die Tomcat als Aufklärer eingesetzt. N-3PB • [27], An upgraded LANTIRN named "LANTIRN 40K" for operations up to 40,000 ft (12,000 m) was introduced in 2001, followed by Tomcat Tactical Targeting (T3) and Fast Tactical Imagery (FTI), to provide precise target coordinate determination and ability to transmit images in-flight.

Air Force Magazine, 98 (1), 76., (2016). [69] In another engagement, a MiG-23ML shot down another F-14 on 17 January 1987.
The airframes were partially assembled in Bethpage and then shipped to Calverton for final assembly. [62][63] The actual last flight of an F-14 in U.S. service took place 4 October 2006, when an F-14D of VF-31 was ferried from NAS Oceana to Republic Airport on Long Island, New York. [6], Der Name „Tomcat“ wurde zu Ehren der Rolle des Konteradmirals Thomas „Tomcat“ Connolly gewählt, da dieser bei der Entstehung der F-14 eine wichtige Rolle spielte.

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