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Tyrande called for her to stop, but Malfurion told the priestess not to waste her breath. Who really thinks that a main Alliance character will become evil? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Malfurion noted that Tyrande was different than he remembered, and she replied acidly that she did not have the "luxury of sleeping through times of peril." Shani began by saying that Tides of Vengeance gave the team its chance to “tell a little bit of Tyrande’s story” but that the focus in Nazjatar is going to shift to delve into other characters and to see more of what Sylvanas and Anduin are up to.

If an enemy turns to flee, she will gladly take the opportunity to put a cluster of arrows deep in his back.[4]. Lore. Speculation on the Original Source for the Sprite Darter Set - BlizzCon Virtual Reward? The worgen and refugees of Gilneas are grateful to Tyrande for their lives, for it was she who decided to help them by sending ships and troops to help fight the Forsaken; this was shortly before Malfurion returned to her and something Fandral Staghelm opposed.

The fact that both factions now have a character in a position of power that was around back then and has beef with Azshara is too perfect. Maybe slightly less bad, but still really bad. sylvannas wasnt mastermind behind it,saurfang was.

Tyrande managed to survive the Sundering, and she helped to lead her people back across the waves to Cenarius' land on Mount Hyjal.

My uncle works at Blizzard, he told me Saurfang will come in for the killing blow. The head hanging on her side and her using the 'open weapon' animation to hold it... it really does show how old this game really is and how outdated and ridiculous in game cinematics like this look :/ can never take it seriously...just sigh... Atleast make a proper 30s cinematic about an event this important or something, or is the budget going for like the 4th pet battle dungeon.. Hopefully it'll mean death of countless Horde filth. Shani began by saying that Tides of Vengeance gave the team its chance to “tell a little bit of Tyrande’s story” but that the focus in Nazjatar is going to shift to delve into other characters and to see more of what Sylvanas and Anduin are up to.

Sylvanas escaped without a trial, and the Alliance had 2 kind-of victories before going to OG! So Tyrande isn't going to be involved with facing one of the oldest night elven villains in the Azshara raid? for 10 sec.

Tyrande, not wanting to be alone, begged him not to, but he insisted, and drifted off into hibernation in a Barrow Den within the Moonglades, along with all the druids. Seeing this has given the night elven people a new sense of hope, despite the losses they have suffered in Darkshore and Ashenvale.

So Tyrande is consumed by vengeance. Stories like this, requires multi side point of view on the story - Horde/Alliance and the people. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Tyrande's potent defensive and offensive skills make her one of the most flexible Heroes in the game that fits into many team compositions. Went Horde this xpac, but its really good to see the NE's get their balls back. "There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. Who really thinks that a main Alliance character will become evil? Tyrande consistently bested the brothers. Avenge Teldrassil! In-game, she got a new unique skin in Patch 4.3 and also a pet - a spirit Owl called Dori'thur.

There will be a cinematic of it too! If the Horde breaks the treaty to engage us again... my people will be ready. Highlord Bolvar being turned into a new and very evil Lich King, as per the Death Knight Legion campaign? Looks quite bad as a standard ingame cutscene with the head hanging off her hip. I think this is the start of a new choice option for the Alliance players. We are talking about factions moral standing.

We are all, "Goddess, if this is to be the end, let us die with your name on our lips! Tyrande was forced to reluctantly accept her new role as High Priestess even though she had major reservations about her ability to lead the night elves. Why can't you cancel the Tyrande's Vengeance quest?

Accidentally deleted "Tyrande's Vengeance" quest and can't find it again for the life of me. Yrel being painted as a villain in the Mag’har recruitment scenario?

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