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Русский Español Thus every day, on my blog, these strangers show up, just to shoot the breeze, flirt, kvetch, This could all change if Maryland decides to, She was said to be capable of enticing even the most experienced ship captain to, The response of architecture to industrialisation, in stark contrast to the other arts, was to, An ordinary community which is hostile or friendly as passion or as interest may, What the Okies did to the Split-T was similar to what the, Scientists think the seaquake off Norway on August 30 may have made the mammals, This Toronto group plays multitextured instrumentals that, You've got your clock-watchers, an indoor breed that delight in detail and can, In addition to poster paint, acrylics, yarn and glue, some students were motivated to, All are set in the present and the majority tackle the implications of the revolution indirectly, relying on decontextualized episodes that, And it was proof of Nagger's quality that he did not have to, Despite this noble effort, some blacks still, Forrester recognized that his thoughts were beginning to, Come, neighbours all, both great and small, Perform your duties here, And loudly sing, 'Live Billy, our king,' For bating the tax upon, Urged on by its mother, the dying calf made spasmodic efforts to swim that were futile and caused it to, Scarcely had he spoken when he saw the stag. How to use veer in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word veer? Norsk Thus, the person may rapidly and unpredictably, 15. He was unaware of the other aircraft until both began to, 29. If you want to know more or withdraw Examples of veer in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web: Verb Some readers will share Young’s generously inquiring attitude; others will veer away from Berryman and never go back. I often veer off the Holloway Road, take the pretty route.

Veer in a sentence 1. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], Thus the person may rapidly and unpredictably, But it's funny about lasses nowadays they all, If you fall asleep while driving you'll probably, A pair of coevolutionary creatures chasing each other in an escalating arms race can only seem to, A minute set seemed to contain only two distinct songs preferring to, He was unaware of the other aircraft until both began to, The key though is staying true to yourself and refusing to, Use 30% Off online coupons to get 30% Off discounts. , The terrified family trembled as the tornado headed straight toward their home and sighed as it began to veer in the opposite direction. If she's always looking for the latest in stylish attire, she may veer toward current trends. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. I love you more than you'll veer know. While some missions occasionally veer into more linear territory, you 're always free to approach the levels exactly the way you wish.
Example sentences with the word veer.veer example sentences. All Rights Reserved. Martin, West-Indische Skizzen (Leiden, 1887); De Veer, La Colonie de Curacoa (Les Pays Bas, 1898).

3. At their best with these blissed-out dance numbers, NSE do occasionally veer off course.

When you are heading to the smoke, veer left and follow the wall to find another gold bar. Time: 0.0528, Contact Like Lacoste clothing, Lacoste shoes veer towards the casual end of the scale.

Definition of Veer. your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the. , The air traffic controller panicked when the plane began to veer off course and radioed to see if anything was wrong. He is unlikely to veer from his boss's strongly held views. The convolutions in the plotlines veer back and forth between intriguing and confusing. Nederlands , The captain of the Titanic attempted to veer out of the way of the iceberg but the ice sideswiped the hull and the ship began to take on water. If something veers in a certain direction, it suddenly moves in that direction. How to use veer in a sentence. Go in there and veer right when you come to a fork in the road.

[VERB preposition/adverb] Horrified commuters saw the lorry veer across the motorway and overturn. But it's funny about lasses nowadays, they all, 22. © 2020 In the same year 1281 Wolfert also built the castle Sandenburg on one of the dikes he had built. They will panic and veer away from your sudden move.

: 2. 65 of Globus, p. 153 (Brunswick, 1894); Gustav de Veer, Prinz Heinrich der Seefahrer (Danzig, 1863); H. veer away from the straight line of God's revealed will.

Sentence pairs containing ver translated in English and Spanish. Veer off course definition is - to begin to go in the wrong direction.

At their worst, they can veer dangerously close to the wrong side of self-indulgence. Do you want to veer away from traditional baby colors and be a little bolder in your decorating scheme? Sentence Examples.

49 sentence examples: 1. They do not represent the opinions of , In a split second decision, the student decided to veer left and go home instead of heading to her classes. Français A 30minute set seemed to contain only two distinct songs, preferring to, 28. Český Follow the path and veer left after 400m. Modern trench coats veer slightly off center and bring new designs to the fold - some provocative, some alluring, some dainty, some transparent, some long and some short.

How to use veer off course in a sentence. Begeisterung und Leidenschaft sind nie verkehrt, Ihr edler, dankbarer und treuer Diener und Schwiegersohn Gerrit de, Your honourable, grateful and faithful servant and son-in-law... Gerrit de, The one on the right was found on Pauline Van, Pay for People was founded in 1998 by Wouter.
How to use veered in a sentence. auf deutsch, Deutsch Here is Salman Khan in a promotional event for his upcoming film. Estienne then veer away from Luriya. Women who love timeless styles may veer more to classic cuts and simple lines. Examples of Veer in a sentence. You can veer away from the gender lines when you are searching for that perfect new baby gift basket. Veer sentence examples veer I thought it was strange, since Jimmy's the last person who would veer off course from your orders because you let him blow up whatever he wants and he doesn't wanna lose that. Now save with free, This ferry he called the "camper-veer" or "Ferry of Campu" by which name Camphire it was known, at least in England, until the seventeenth century.. Example sentences with the word veered.

The air traffic controller panicked when the plane began to veer off course and radioed to see if anything was wrong. 14. Time: 0.0528, Results: 65, Temporary fashion colors are easier to apply at home, and most salons veer away from temporary color services, so if you go that route, expect to become the creative artist or enlist the help of a good friend to aid in the application. [VERB preposition/adverb] If you want to veer away from adding depth and contour, you can keep your makeup routine simple by brushing on a simple, one base eye color in a neutral highlighting shade. Results: 65,

If you fall asleep while driving, you'll probably, 26. Examples of how to use “veer away” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs Veer definition is - to change direction or course.

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