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Both are... A point is deducted for lack of index or glossary, though the Table of Contents is easily navigable and hyperlinked in the PDF document. Thriving in College & Beyond:  Research-Based. My one bit of criticism is that the book is roughly 500 pages, which would make it difficult to get the freshmen in my First Year Experience course to read the entire book.

Its length may be daunting ,however all the topic covered are relevant and essential for the student enrolled in a College Success course. This doesn't take anything away from the content, but as a reader, it would have been more pleasing to the eye. If this text were assigned for a first-year success seminar, the instructor could easily pick and choose among the chapters, to provide a learning experience most relevant to the class.

This instructor believes it may be necessary to update the tools to meet current electronic media available to students to enhance longevity of the text. I find it to be comprehensive and relevant to the various subjects. The display features enhance the opportunity for learning.

read more. As a philosopher, I like the chapter on thinking that includes some basics about epistemology and logical arguments. The books acknowledge a wide range of questions which are important for students. The wide array of topics included are those that can assist on how to be a successful first year college student. Each chapter is broken down into sub parts of the subject, this allows the student to see what is covered and focus on the areas that meet the individual students need. read more. In fact, this book would make an excellent candidate for an adaptive text (particularly given the quizzes at the beginning of each chapter). A successful college student has a fine balance between school and fun. They need to have good study habits, be able to write well, be able to manage their own time, be a self-advocate. Although there are hyperlinks for these, they do not all work (the chapter 1.6 link in the "activity" does not send you back to 1.3. Since this book is nearly six years old, I wonder about it inclusiveness to more pertinent up-to-date material especially technology. Also, use of slang terms or phrases comes across as ingenuine (ex. As long as you pass with a C, you might be perfectly content. I like the’ Profile of a Successful Student’ which outlines the common characteristics of students who have been successful in college. Lastly, each chapter concludes with the option for students to make an action list on how they'll apply what they've learned. This could be due to the fact that some students feel that seeking academic help is an admission that they are not “smart” or that they cannot succeed on their own.

Text, images and contend appeared to be culturally sensitive. I used an iPad and it was good because I was able to go back and forth to the Table of Contents and bookmark sections. The chapters appear to be error-free and unbiased and appropriate for all college students. read more. Your professors are one of those resources, and are perhaps the most important. read more. My students this semester advised me to use this textbook again. We’ll revisit these questions at the end of the chapter to see whether your feelings have changed. Worksheets and other activities add to the content development. Research indicates that one key characteristic of successful college students is that they monitor their own performance, that is, they maintain awareness of (a) how effectively they are learning—for example, they pay attention to whether they are really paying attention in class, and (b) if they are actually learning what they are attempting to learn—for example, if they are truly understanding the material they are studying or merely memorizing it (Weinstein, 1994; Weinstein & Meyer, 1991). There is no index or glossary, but I don't think it needs it. This text is easily divisible into smaller reading sections. There were no blatant examples of cultural insensitivity that I noted. For example, Week 1 for me is typically learning styles/intelligences, etc. There are four specific forms of self-reflection that are particularly important for effective learning and college success: (1) self-assessment, (2) self-monitoring, (3) reflecting on feedback, and (4) reflecting on one’s future. . Topics are clearly presented and logical, thought at times somewhat wordy. I enjoyed the book's structure/flow. It can be easy to lose sight of the overall role that education plays in life. Furthermore, College Success is accessible—information is presented concisely and as simply as possible. This would be a great text to use in a first year experience course-- I've been inspired to try out a lot of the included activities with my own first year seminar course. Still, I’ve gotten A’s on the exams even with these less extensive study habits, although not as high as before. Each chapter begins with a "where are you now?" For example, rather than relying just on your own knowledge, notes, and skills, try studying with other students in your difficult classes. College Success does this. The text covers diversity fairly well and appears to be culturally relevant. It also has great follow up at the end of each chapter so the reader can briefly review what concepts were presented in each chapter.

Minor formatting issues throughout including text size, page breaks, and paragraphs repeated verbatim in multiple chapters where topics overlap. Because the book sticks to the basics, I believe the content to be relatively timeless. Such reflection or thoughtful review is the flip side of active involvement. The text is comprehensive in that it covers a wide variety of topics, and covers them in a straightforward, appropriate, and unassuming manner. The order of the chapters themselves was logical as well. Another resource to utilize can be found in the campus learning center . I could not find material regarding leadership opportunities and the benefits of taking responsibilities. It can be easy to lose sight of the overall role that education plays in life. Other than that the interface was fine. Since the chapters begin with a self-assessment it allows students to reflect on their personal needs for the information that will be presented. However, the PDF version seemed very long and overwhelming to read. It presents an extensive list of tips. How will you know you’ve achieved success? The interactive style of the textbook (charts, take-aways, chapter reviews) could be useful for the majority of the audience taking a student success course, however could also alienate readers by making them feel patronized. College Success is ambitious in its scope, covering a wide range of variables that can affect students' ability to succeed in college. It has also been found that students who seek and receive assistance from academic-support services show significant improvement in academic self-efficacy—that is, they develop a greater sense of personal control over their academic performance and develop higher self-expectations for future academic success (Smith, Walter, & Hoey, 1992). There were occasional relevance to research on the variety of topics presented but these would be relatively easy to update as time goes on and new research occurs. The bottom line is this: To maximize success in college, students need to be active agents in the learning process, not passive sponges or spectators. The book addresses things like loans vs. scholarships, but I felt could have done more to explain the current system of loan-repayment. In talking with colleagues from other institutions, we all seem to struggle with the first year seminar content being valued by the students ...... until, they realize they need it. Each topic does stand alone well. It could be compared to trying to eat an entire cake at one time or just enjoying the cake one bite at a time. Hopefully these five factors will inspire you make the necessary changes in your life to graduate from college and become what you want to become. This comes from learning how to not take on too much load from school and also know how to balance social life with school life. Students who participate in these seminars tend to, The quality of academic advising is the single most powerful predictor of your satisfaction with the campus environment. Overall, the topics are general and common and will continue to be applicapable to first time university students. You can also add a tutor to your study group. There is some redundancy, but it is not significant.

Usually tutors have taken the class you are currently enrolled in, and they are trained to get the best out of you. The topics are presented in a logical fashion but if the faculty member wanted to reorganize topics, it would not interfere with the flow of ideas.

While it is probably meant to be used as a whole (and makes sense that way), it could be taken apart.

Page breaks were odd within the PDF at times, headings followed by no content, until the next page, and activities broken in awkward places within tables. The cooperative nature of college life is echoed in the following practical advice from a college graduate, recounted in Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom: Professors do care about how you are doing in their class; they genuinely want you to succeed, but they will give you the grade you earn. The accuracy of the text was beyond question. Instructors tend to give the benefit of the doubt to students who get good grades. It has intrinsic information about various titles with analysis and examples. read more. In addition, the formatting of the text could make it necessary for an adopter to reconfigure worksheets as some of them start in the middle of a page.

Furthermore, if these professionals are impressed with a student’s initial volunteer work, they may also turn out to be the students’ future employer. This is not a textbook full of theory and extensive detail that merely discusses student success; rather, this is a how-to manual for succeeding in college. Chapters cover academic skills, social and campus life, physical and emotional health, financial management, and career planning. Students should find the interactive nature of the book appealing, working through the reflective questions in self-inventories that are provided at the start of each chapter. So, if we have frequent, high-quality dialogue with others, we increase the quality of our thinking and the quantity of our knowledge. The other topics such as diversity, communication and health seem to be included to match some of the leading college success books which is a plus. There are useful worksheets and word lists found within the chapters of the text. With the changing demographics of college students, it is hard to be able to cover all students needs as well as breadth and depth of topics. Jumping sections means a bit of hunting. read more. Go see them during office hours, ask them questions about the material and get extra help if you need it . Research clearly indicates that the greater amount of time college students spend on academic work outside of class is associated with greater learning and higher grades.

The chapters present the topics in an easy to follow and organized format. This book was extremely comprehensive in covering the broad topic of "Student Success". It's timely and includes methods that will be used throughout time. Chapter One set the tone and provides a sound foundation for the chapters that follow. I did not find the text to be particularly culturally response, so students with a variety of identities may not find this text reflective of or speaking to their experiences. Additionally, each chapter tends to stand on its own, allowing for an instructor to pick and choose what content to use for their course. Action is the foundational key to all success. The structure and the flow are consistent thought the book. Grades also have been shown to have a positive net impact on your occupational status and earnings.

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