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"I'm in a hurry, boys," Maris told reporters. (For that matter, another was a groundout that moved a runner over to third.) Where it fits well in the 21st century Red Sox lineage is here: David Ortiz had his best postseason series.

You can watch it, and hear the call by Red Barber, and marvel at how much less excited they used to get. A New York Times preview called them the deepest nine-man lineup in World Series history. Game leverage: 74th. Game leverage: 43rd.

A Series between rookies Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle: What could go wrong? The National League produced the greatest pennant race ever, capped by the craziest day of baseball ever, and then the Cubs rode to Detroit to face the vastly inferior AL team they had swept the year before. 1988: Dodgers over A's in five Here's everything you need to know about their run to the title. But gosh, he don't pitch with his leg. The Giants and Dodgers get credit for 19 of those wins, but the Yankees took the other 28, in the greatest run any team ever had. Great story, except it was officially scored a double. Then, in the top of the 10th, Elvis Andrus singled, and Josh Hamilton -- in a brutal monthlong slump -- homered. Game leverage: 51st. 1947: Yankees over Dodgers in seven 1953: Yankees over Dodgers in six But in Game 6, the Yankees knocked him out after four innings, four runs in, for his second loss.

If Gordon held at third and Salvador Perez had driven him in, that sequence (single, error, single, tie game!)

2019: Nationals over Astros in seven 112. 105. Series leverage: 17th Game leverage: 44th.

Baseball is a game of inches and a game of blowouts. Is the Astros' title forever tainted?

It was, but maybe it was the right ending after all.

Their long-time manager, John McGraw, made his ninth and final World Series appearance in 1924. Owen was the Bill Buckner of his era, though the subsequent meltdown would in some ways more closely resemble the Cubs' fumbles after the Steve Bartman play. 2009: Yankees over Phillies in six It was consistent with the rest of his postseason career, which included two blown leads in 1985 and the Game 6 walk-off homer in 1991: Asked to do a lot, he would pitch beautifully; asked to do still more, more perhaps than was reasonable, he would finally falter. To understand how epic and disorienting it all was, consider this moment: In the bottom of the 10th inning, Cardinals manager Tony La Russa pinch hit for his pitcher with a pitcher -- and then pinch hit for the pinch-hitting pitcher with a different pitcher. Series leverage: 14th A's owner Connie Mack essentially threw a fit, sold off a bunch of his best players, and his team dropped to 43-109 in 1915. This is a hard one to place. Stream classic perfect games and no-hitters on ESPN+. The actual event -- Gordon held at third and Perez popped out -- makes it a nearly great one. Game leverage: 93rd.

Series leverage: 114th It's a joke. A comprehensive list of MLB World Series Champions from 1903 to the present.

2018: Red Sox over Dodgers in five

Series leverage: 13th Series leverage: 35th Freese was on it. The Brewers and Cardinals played the Suds Series, the Giants and A's played the Battle of the Bay, the Cardinals and Royals played the I-70 Series, and the Dodgers and A's series was called, I swear, the Fog to Smog Series. The contest concluded with the second World Series-deciding game which ran to extra innings (the first had occurred in 1912). Game leverage: 84th. A best-of-seven playoff, the series was played between the American League (AL) pennant winner Washington Senators and the National League (NL) pennant winner New York Giants.

Game leverage: 33rd. (MLB commissioner Peter Ueberroth actually cut through the Royals' dugout around this time so he would be in place to present the World Series trophy to the Cardinals. The World Series that gave baseball's glossaries "Snodgrass' Muff." But besides the pleasure of seeing a great team dominate, there was a sequence in Game 5 that is one of October's finest: Goose Gossage, ordered to intentionally walk Kirk Gibson, talked his manager out of it. 72. The great Rollie Fingers pitched in all six close ones, his only "blemish" being the failure to preserve a one-run lead for a five-inning save. It's 15 minutes of failure, all captured in Williams' exaggerated physicality and the sheer inevitability of what was happening. Barry Zito, the Giants' highest-paid player, didn't appear in the 2010 World Series but won Game 1 in 2012; Pablo Sandoval was benched for the 2010 Series, but he won the MVP in 2012; and Tim Lincecum's career was collapsing, and he wouldn't appear in 2014, but he starred as a multi-inning relief ace in 2012. 1976: Reds over Yankees in four Thirty years ago, the Loma Prieta quake shook the Series -- and the world.

1971: Pirates over Orioles in seven

The Brewers -- "Harvey's Wallbangers" -- hit 30 more homers than any other team in baseball that year. Game leverage: 57th. ", 75. In Game 3, Mantle made an egregious error on a single, which set up the Cardinals' only run in the game. 1. Series leverage: 58th This is one of the most memorable Series of the past 50 years -- except that what you're really remembering is the ALCS between the Red Sox and the Yankees. 1927: Yankees over Pirates in four Game leverage rank: 102nd. But he told his producer he couldn't, that there was "a rat on my leg that's as big as a cat. Game leverage: 113th. The pitcher was Al Leiter, making his 11th postseason start and still looking for his first win as a starter. He just knew he was tired. Game leverage: 55th. 1924 World Series (4–3): Washington Senators (A.L.) This was the first World Series to use the 2–3–2 home game pattern, which would be adapted as the standard format beginning the following year.[1]. The Tigers, afraid of detection, abandoned an elaborate binoculars-and-relay sign-stealing scheme for the World Series. World Series, in baseball, a postseason play-off series between champions of the two major professional baseball leagues of North America: the American League and the National League, which together constitute Major League Baseball. In Game 7, Oakland's elite closer, Rollie Fingers, came into the sixth inning. Denkinger said Orta had simply beat Worrell. 92. ", 27. Lou Gehrig hit .545/.706/1.727, with nine driven in. But there are four primary factors we leaned on: Beer flights.

From there, the Royals rallied, while Denkinger -- afraid he might have missed the call -- was secretly rooting for the Cardinals to hold the lead and make his call moot.

", 23. The throw was wild, Hosmer tied the game with two outs, and the Royals would score five in extra innings to finish the series.

Herzog and pitcher Joaquin Andujar were both ejected for arguing with him the next day, and Herzog's quotes above not only don't give him the benefit of the doubt but also imply actual bias.

(In the half-century since, only one pitcher has won three in a series: Randy Johnson, whose third win came in relief. Walter Johnson, after pitching his first 20-victory season (23) since 1919, was making his first World Series appearance, at the age of 36, while nearing the end of his career with the Senators. Series leverage: 4th In the eighth, he put the first two men on base, but manager Tommy Lasorda still left Valenzuela in, and the pitcher got a double play and a groundout to escape.

On Oct. 15, 1988, Kirk Gibson delivered an iconic pinch-hit, walk-off home run in Game 1 of the World Series. In other words, some World Series are better than others. They had signed a bunch of free agents to short-term contracts, and when those signings paid off -- Koji Uehara, Jonny Gomes, David Ross, Mike Napoli, etc.

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