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Films and resources for discussion and home schooling, Educational films about racial inequality and injustice. Are the friendly people of Summerisle truly "evil" in the typical movie sense? The Wicker Man is a low budget British horror film from 1973 that over the years has acquired the status of a cult movie and has been dubbed the “Citizen Kane of horror movies” by Cinefantastique magazine.

All rights reserved. Suggest an update to this review. Inevitably many myths also grew around the movie and many of its fans were confused by the various versions of the film that existed and whether the BBFC had a hand in cutting it or not. THE WICKER MAN [Director's cut]. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners.
A version identical to the 1973 theatrical version was submitted to the BBFC for video classification for the first time in May 1990 by Warner Brothers Home Video. Horror doesn't … THE WICKER MAN might best be described as one man's hysteria. The hero is depicted as a firm, upstanding, and devoted Christian, though some of those very traits drag him to his fate. With Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Britt Ekland. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. Women in cult appear to subjugate "their" men and set up Edward for human sacrifice; Edward tries to "help people," but ends up easily fooled by ex-fiancée. The examiners who viewed the work acknowledged that there had been significant changes in public attitudes to the portrayal of sex over the previous decade and that the current Guidelines reflected these changes. Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. Directed by Neil LaBute. Suggest an update to this review. Not for kids. See our. See something that needs to be addressed? ... 8 years ago at the age of 59 and am trying to make up for lost time. It's stronger here than in a lot of run-of-the-mill chillers (the remake included). Aside from this movie being semi-inappropriate, it was just bad. The BBFC’s policy with regards to reclassifying works that have been passed previously is that the work “must be passed at the existing category unless that category is no longer reasonable or defensible according to current guidelines and practice. THE WICKER MAN begins with the arrival by seaplane of a Scottish police Sgt. What to Watch, Read, and Play While Your Kids Are Stuck Indoors, Common Sense Selections for family entertainment, Stoke kids' love of reading with great summer stories, Check out new Common Sense Selections for games, Teachers: Find the best edtech tools for your classroom with in-depth expert reviews, 6 formas de usar los medios para que los niños mantengan el español, Wide Open School: recursos para el aprendizaje a distancia, Which Side of History? In September 2000 the BBFC published a new set of Guidelines, therefore The Wicker Man was up for reappraisal.

A puritan Police Sergeant arrives in a Scottish island village in search of a missing girl who the locals claim never existed. This is an especially troubling horror film in that "evil" triumphs, or at least the antagonists with lethal designs on the main character carry out their plans successfully. Even some of J.K. Rowling's ancillary details -- toads, herbs, a macabre Hand of Glory candle -- make appearances (it should be a relief that Rowling clearly changed their meanings). Its power comes not from appeals to the supernatural but from a deep understanding of our own undeniable nature. Specific to religion, the conflict of Christianity and revived ancient pagan worship is the underlying theme. Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Type of media Video. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

However, it was largely unknown to both parties that the film had been the victim of a severe editing process, with the distributor British Lion / EMI, cutting down the movie from 99 minutes to 87 minutes in order to satisfy the logistical exhibition pressures of screening two movies in a double bill format. And how and why would Judeo-Christian values and ethics made their behavior very different? Car smashed by a truck in front of Edward, then bursts into flames (he sees versions of this trauma repeatedly, as flashbacks); Edward finds a bloodied corpse; Edward pulls his gun on a girl to get her bike; Edward is allergic to bees and attacked by a swarm, leaving him swollen, unconscious, near dead; Edward fights with several women near end, kicking and slamming them into walls and to the floor; Edward is beset by a swarm of women, bloodied, beaten, and tied up; Edward is set on fire (by a little girl) and screams as he burns to death (from a distance, his figure is recognizable). Sign up for news on Education events for students.

Why are horror movies so popular in general? There's a "twist" ending that can be predicted fairly easily, but that doesn't make the movie's finale any less creepy or uncomfortable. We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. If you would like to receive regular newsletters about BBFC resources, workshops, advance information about events and recent classifications, join our mailing list by clicking the link below. The Wicker Man Rating & Content Info Why is The Wicker Man rated PG-13? 5 Tips to Make Family Movie Night a Success. Thank you for your support. The Wicker Man is a low budget British horror film from 1973 that over the years has acquired the status of a cult movie and has been dubbed the “Citizen Kane of horror movies” by Cinefantastique magazine.It features Edward Woodward as Sergeant Neil Howie – a devoutly Christian policeman who is sent an anonymous letter recommending that he investigate the disappearance of a Howie observes that the church is long abandoned, children learn fertility rites and spells in school, naked couples make love outdoors at night, and men in the local inn sing a lewd ditty about the owner's sexy daughter (Britt Ekland). Advertising is one curse the cultists of Summerisle didn't rediscover! Not for kids. Your privacy is important to us. We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. Given the story which explores the issue of the Pagans' attitude towards sex, the treatment is considered restrained and well justified in context for 15”. Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.

Wicker Man is a wooden roller coaster at Alton Towers amusement park in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.Manufactured by Great Coasters International, the £16-million ride opened to the public on 20 March 2018 following a three-day weather delay.It set several milestones among wooden coasters including the first to be built in the UK in 22 years and the first to incorporate fire. Read Common Sense Media's The Wicker Man review, age rating, and parents guide. However, the film’s dark ending with its prolonged scene of human sacrifice, persuaded them to rate it 18, with one examiner claiming that “the 18 is quite simply because the feature ends with human sacrifice - the ritual burning of Howie offers us no escape from his predictable but awful end”. The BBFC had already requested that a scene featuring female back and buttock nudity be removed from a trailer for the film. Horror remake about murderous cult. Bawdy singing. The Wicker Man is rated PG-13 by the MPAA disturbing images and violence, language and thematic issues.. For most families, the themes and messages within this film will be more of a concern than content. Parents need to know that the plot sets up an agrarian cult of women who sacrifice humans and animals to a "fertility goddess." The BBC had screened a different version to that of the UK theatrical release, running at approximately 96 minutes, and Christopher Lee (Lord Summerisle) and director Robin Hardy had gone on record claiming that they both remembered an even longer version. All rights reserved. While it shows up championed in lots of horror-movie reference books and fan magazines perused avidly by kids, this film is very adult in its themes and pace. To add further confusion, during the early 1980s director Hardy had managed to piece together a version of the film from various prints he had tracked down. When Howie visits the local authority, Lord Summerisle (classic movie villain Christopher Lee in one of his best roles), the aristocrat explains that his ancestor, a science-minded agronomist, banished belief in Jesus from the island and calculatingly returned the impoverished peasants to their old Celtic lore of earth spirits and mysticism, centering the born-again-pagans around procreation and the annual crop of exotic fruits and apples that are Summerisles' economic base. Horror remake about murderous cult.
Unlike Transylvania or typical Hollywood horror-movie haunts, Summerisle is an attractive setting and everybody seems cheerful, friendly and content -- as long as the harvest goes well. Join now.

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