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As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases. It began a movement of truck driving songs. Whether it's celebrating the virtues of a hard day's labor or telling the boss to go to hell, these tunes are the best of an illustrious lot.

Our list of work songs covers many different music genres and musical eras. Ronnie Dunn wrote this song, and often said he took a lot of abuse from his father-in-law, who felt a musician was unqualified to cover the subject. Yeah, sometimes we feel it, too, Morrissey. Due to its chart success and relevance today, this song is the top tune on this list of 10 great work songs. can be found at Enjoy. Although the 1977 tune became the singer's biggest hit, it was actually written by fellow outlaw country artist David Allan Coe. Nice work! The answer is 100% YES. Your boss will never know. Related: 11 Strong Signs You're About to Be Canned. 25 songs to get you going, and keep you going. I need a job for these two hands. At least we’d like to think it is. Until you land your dream job, all you can do is shake it off at the end of a bad day. Sign up to receive exclusive discounts from Whiskey Riff Shop and breaking news. Let it fade away. Like that frigid recycled office air, “the 21st century” is “breathing down” our necks. Here we go. Josh Thompson has a song on our 10 Best Songs About Hard Work list. On full blast, if your heart so desires. Dave Dudley originally recorded this truck driver's anthem in the early '60s. Alabama manage to thank just about every hardworking, blue-collar American employee they can think of in one three-and-a-half minute long song.

Know anyone like that? 2016, 7/27, Work Bitch – Britney Spears Written by David Allan Coe,  this song topped the country chart in 1977. Their arrangement simply cooks, with a busy beat that races from start to finish. 1981, Get Lucky, Dirty Work – Steely Dan Jason Aldean Got What I Got. The boys from Ft. Payne had a pretty good work ethic of their own. 2010, Tourist History, Working On A Dream – Bruce Springsteen 1970, Signed, Sealed & Delivered, Working Class Hero – John Lennon

#9: Somethin’ More — Sugarland  This was the band’s second hit, after “Baby Girl,” and always resonates with the women in the audience. Never Miss Out. Your Email Address: Leave this field empty if you're human: Share Tweet Submit Email. And if you’re going to work hard, you might as well play hard, too. Soul-suck as they may, they’re a means to an end -- a paycheck. We appreciate all of those working keeping other people employed and it truly is a domino effect. Work from home. Don’t forget the sweet Southern twang when you finally do. But he soon realizes he's … "As a matter of fact I'd like to set things straight / A few more people should be pullin' their weight / If you wanna cram course in reality / You get yourself a working man's Ph.D." "Take pride in a job well done," Tippin is saying. At least Beck is there for you, singing your pain in a sorta drunk kind of way, reminding you that there’s hope.

Ty Dolla $ign The best country music of all time! 1970, John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Let’s Work Together – Canned Heat Related . Dynamite BTS. These guys had a string of hits in the 80s, including “Fishin’ In the Dark.”  This 1988 Top 5 still sounds as good today as it did then. Charlie Puth) 1 Gabby Barrett. Go. So what if Fifth Harmony is really singing about putting in a different type of work? A little Strait from the early days? He shoveled coal to make a poor man's dollar.". As always, Lynn supplies all the poignant details that turn this tune into a classic portrait of growing up with nothing, but still finding happiness where it counts. The history of country music is filled with songs about work and workers.

All of the Labor Day songs have the word work or working in the song title – making them work songs. (Those poor kids. “Flick the switch and open up your third eye,” people. can be found at Enjoy. We’ll drink to that. Songs about working are a staple in country music. 3. If there's a harder working woman in country music, we haven't found her. I’ve scrubbed toilets, sliced bagels and made sandwich art, er, I mean subs, thankfully not all at the same time. Long playlist! No one does melodrama like The Pope of Mope. in 2020. "9 to 5" appeared in the comedy of the same name, and earned Parton an Oscar nomination for Best Song. You don't think driving trucks is hard work? Aaron Tippin doesn't need a college diploma.

Jumpstart Your Business. Yeah, that’d be pretty much everyone in this bunk economy. Besides, who hasn’t wished, hoped and dreamed for the guts to say “I ain’t workin’ here no more!”? His fun tribute to the work week is sung slightly tongue-in-cheek, but the tempo and blue-collar sensibility he brings to the song is good enough to allow him to crack the list. Holy (feat. 2011, Cole World: The Sideline Story, Work Hard, Play Harder – Gretchen Wilson

Your email address will not be published. Gabby Barrett I Hope (feat. Dreams 11 Fleetwood Mac. Related: The 6 Most Familiar 'Bad Boss' Types and What to Do About Them, This is your jam if you want to quit your job but can’t afford to. You can now sign up for just $99, plus receive a 7-day free trial. You’ve done fallen out of love with your 9-to-5 and you can’t get over the way your boss treats you like he (or she) does.

Travis Tritt doesn't mince words in this blistering song about being shortchanged by politicians, the rich, and maybe even God. These cathartic songs will help you do just that. I’ve also felt strangers up and down for weapons and drugs at concerts. While a couple of work songs by Kenny Chesney and Josh Thompson come from modern times, the best country songs about work are 10, 20 or even 40 years old. Just use promo code SYOB99 to claim your offer. But he soon realizes he's far from alone. Could there be a better reason for a holiday? Give this song a listen and you'll come around. Sorry to be a buzzkill here, but yes, you are gonna work for some soul-sucking jerk. Work Out – J. Cole My Wedding Songs is a reader-supported website. The singer has released other songs that could crack an expanded list of work songs. "Got everything I own / By the sweat of my brow / From my four-wheel drive to my cowboy boots / I owe it all to my blue collar roots."

It doesn't take five years locked in an ivory tower—just shedding your blood, sweat, and tears every day on the job.

Country music is known for blue-collar working class heroes and over the years the genre has given us some truly great songs about working hard (or hardly working).. This 1984 hit was the first of several work songs in their catalogue. Recent history has continued the trend, with Merle Haggard, Alabama, and Alan Jackson each delivering several appropriate songs. Country Music Featured Lists Playlists Whiskey Riff Picks. Watch Lee Brice perform the hit single that dominates the top country songs this week and tops the country charts right now. © 2003-2020 My Wedding Songs All Rights Reserved.

This great country song from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band paints a stirring portrait of a man who, after losing his job, feels completely abandoned by the world. We appreciate all of those working keeping other people employed and it truly is a domino effect.

1972, Can’t Buy a Thrill, We Can Work It Out – Stevie Wonder A coal miner is caught in an endless cycle of servitude and debt. ), we salute you. Remember the hilarious movie “Office Space”? Can’t beat it. Enjoy our work songs.

For over 40 years Dolly Parton has been writing, touring and innovating. Arista Nashville. You can’t go wrong with Dolly!

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