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With each revolution thirty three yards of the rope are wound up. The mine is ventilated by a Shiele fan, with a capacity of 500,000 feet a minute with a five inch water gauge. I went round and about the premises, up and down, last Friday afternoon in company with Mr W. H. Chambers, the general manager of the company. Chambers. Past, Present, And Future Developments. With the fan engine house almost the whole of the works above ground had been completed, but before preparing for the descent of the mine. Plans had also been made to open up the Parkgate seam, but these were abandoned; the mine was closed in 1985. The engines are at present being worked with a pressure of 80 lbs.

At some future date it is intended to duplicate the ventilator and engines in order to guard against any obstruction or accident in the pit, and when this is done the capacity of the machinery will be 700,000 feet a minute with a seven inch water gauge. By the mid-1980s Yorkshire Main was losing money and in the months following the 1984/5 strike it struggled to raise output. I am told, described as ridiculous. The Largest Colliery In Yorkshire. The capacity of the slack washing machinery at present erected at Cadeby is 600 tons per day. But if these rumours of romantic or historical association are not justified their existence at all event, lifts Cadeby Main above the ordinary, and even regarded as a colliery only makes it something out of the common. [2], 2: The Selby Coalfield straddled the border of North and West Yorkshire, Former coal mine in South Yorkshire, England, List of collieries in Yorkshire 1984-present with dates of closure, "Edlington (Yorkshire) Land and Development Company Ltd. And its Successor, Deeds and Associated Papers", Coal seams of the South Yorkshire Coalfield, List of collieries in Yorkshire (1984–2015),, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. And regarding Conisborough Castle as the original of the Castle of Torquilstone, which Sir Walter Scott in ‘Ivanhoe’ tells us was besieged by the Black Knight with whom were Robin Hood and his crowd of outlaw’s Cadeby Hill, where on now stands the colliery under discussion, becomes the point from which the assault on Torquilstone was delivered. The site was served by the L.M.S.R’s Dearne Valley line and the L.N.E.R. This will have a capacity of 100 tons an hour, and will be constructed on Humboldt’s system, the present slack wash being, I may say, Luhrig’s patent. Here it was explained to me that the contemplated work of building another row of coke ovens was at present suspended owing to the opposition of some neighbouring landowners, who by interfering to prevent the diversion of a footpath across some fields, had compelled the company to go to Quarter Sessions for the necessary leave, pending which the whole of the work here was at a standstill.

Cadeby Main. Another plant for coal washing is to be erected for the purpose of dealing with nuts, and double nuts principally. Adjoining it is the saw mill and joiners’ shop, girdered over head for the drying of timber. Among The Surface Works. A Downward Rush Through The Darkness. Gowdall & Braithwell line. Here it drains, and when required is discharged from the bottom of the bunkers by a slide into the pans which convey it along the top of the coke ovens. Further modernisation, planned by D.A.C.L., was continued by the NCB well into the 1950s.

For month after month the huge pulley-wheels over the downcast shaft had little to do, and all the speculations in the world as to what was the reason why they were not put in use only served to increase the general mystification and the universal conviction that below the surface at Cadeby Main events had not been shaped themselves exactly as the proprietors of the colliery desired.

They had come down a distance of 750 yards in a perpendicular direction to find the bed of coal which had dodged them, and they then went about 700 yards through the rock in an almost horizontal direction before they came upon the treasure they were seeking. The washer is a beautiful adaptation of a well known scientific fact. Chambers gave me some interesting facts regarding the present and future development of the pit. They are of the bee-hive pattern, and they make a better quality and a larger quantity of coke than the old type of oven, with less smoke and a minimum waste of material. At present it takes a man two hours to draw an oven, but by machinery it will be possible to do it in a quarter of an hour. This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 19:30. Before this treatment the coal contains 14 per cent of ash, and afterwards only three per cent., which being included in the coal cannot be washed out of it. Chambers caused special care to be exercised in the construction of the ventilator engine. Leaving the engine room we proceeded to inspect the boilers, ten in number. Extraction of the Dunsil seam, about 18 yards lower, began in the 1950s, and the Swallow Wood seam in the 1970s. Chambers had informed me that the company possesses at Denaby and Cadeby nearly 30 miles of sidings, and nearly 5,000 waggons, he pointed out to me the pipes used for taking steam down the pit to the hauling engines. of ash, so economical is the management, and yet as Mr. This, then, is the secret of the Cadeby Main, and is the explanation of the mystery which has surround the colliery almost from the day when the coal was first found. The steam winding was replaced by electricity. This is agitated by the motion of a number of pistons, and the coal having a lighter specific gravity than the dirt, which is mingled with it, rises to the top of the water, and is carried with the flow over a sill whence it pours into a tank from which it is again carried by elevators. Coordinates: 53°29′10″N 1°10′53″W / 53.4862°N 1.1815°W / 53.4862; -1.1815 Skips were installed in No.2 Shaft and these were fed by large, diesel loco hauled, mine cars. It reached the Barnsley seam at a depth of 905 yards in July 1911, however this was on a fault. It failed, however, and the NCB closed the mine on Friday, October 11th 1985.

Next come the blacksmiths’ shops and forge. I was fortunate in having him for my guide, for he took the greatest possible pains to make everything clear to me – and let me admit he had some trouble. A visit was next paid to the stores, a range of lofty and commodious buildings, where are kept the supplies of oil, ropes, cordage, bolts, nails, and in fact all the minor accessories of a colliery. of steam, but they can be worked with a boiler pressure of 100 lbs. 512 likes. At the bottom of the shaft the loading and unloading of the cages is already done by hydraulic machinery, the natural gravitation of the water at the depth giving a pressure of 1,200 lbs. Some idea of the strength of the engine may be gathered from the fact that the valve spindles are 3½ and 3 inches in diameter, a strength which the engine builder. To screen coke by machinery is regarded as difficult, but Mr.

As the face increased in length the numbers employed underground rose steadily, reaching 1449 in 1914 and 3178 in 1925. The Colliery first produced a million tons of coal in 1923 and in 1939 it achieved a record output of 1,138,512 tons. 1: Pre 1974, most coal mines in South Yorkshire were actually in the West Riding of Yorkshire. When the ovens were first erected.

Thus when one oven is fired the gas which it gives off serves to fire its neighbour, and so on while when all are fired this circulation of gas keeps them all at a uniform temperature. The slack washing which is part of the process of coke manufacture was inspected next. The future development of the colliery will see the erection of an apparatus for drawing the ovens automatically. Chambers pointed out this gives an excellent fire. The ovens are filled through a trap on the top of each by drawing out the slide in the bottom of the pan in which it is trammed from the slack washer. Mont-Blanc In The Bowels Of The Earth. Between the end of 1893 and the middle of 1896 the colliery was the subject of sorts of rumours, some of them exceeding in extravagance the Oliver Cromwell story alluded to. What is dealt with ultimately is very small, and even this is separated by the process of being disposed of in two grades. This was reconstituted as the Yorkshire Main Colliery (1923) Ltd and worked until 1937, when the colliery became part of the Doncaster Amalgamated Collieries Ltd.

Yorkshire Main Colliery was a coal mine situated within the village of Edlington, south west of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Power loading on faces began in 1954.

This accomplished a longer drift at an incline of one in six was carried up to the Swallow Wood bed, and from here a third drift was taken at an incline of one in two to the Barnsley bed, which was ultimately discovered at an elevation of about 150 yards above the pit bottom. He replied that he would try and the result is that the company is turning out a foundry coke which is equal to the best Durham coke and finds a ready market. NMRS Records, Gazetteer of British Collieries. When the ovens are charged, fired, and hermetically sealed the gasses which are given off by the charge enter a flue which connects one oven with another. A peculiar feature of the result is that the coke on the top of the ovens is lighter both in colour and in weight, than in the bottom of the oven which is heavy and dark in appearance. A methane drainage scheme, opened in 1962, piped gas from the mine and, along with that from Rossington, pumped it to Manvers coke works. Hill, A. At present the slack is taken to the washing machine in wagons, but it is intended to convey it upon a gauntry in trams that will discharge themselves, and then return automatically to the pit bank. Yorkshire Main Colliery was a coal mine situated within the village of Edlington, south west of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England. Coal: A Chronology for Britain (NMRS. Sections of Strata of the Yorkshire Coalfield, Midland Institute of Mining Engineers, 1927. The story goes that Oliver Cromwell, to whom more than half the discovered mischief wrought in history has been attributed, planted his cannon on the site now occupied by the pit headgears, when he conceived the idea of blowing Conisborough Castle about the ears of the daring follower of the Stuarts, who then held it for Charles I. The new colliery, originally known as "Edlington Main" had a name change in September 1911 and became "Yorkshire Main". Special, Descriptive Article. The tour of inspection began properly at the coke ovens.

© Northern Mine Research Society | Registered Charity Number - 326704, NMRS Records, Gazetteer of British Collieries, Sections of Strata of the Yorkshire Coalfield, Midland Institute of Mining Engineers, 1927, Hill, A.

The engine is provided with metal packing so that it never has to be stopped to pack the valves, and evidently every possible precaution has been taken to make this important detail of the mine’s machinery perfect. Chambers has overcome the difficulty, and has designed a machine which will do the work swiftly and economically. The pit top was demolished in 1987. 1 shaft, and after Mr. All the mechanical engineering work required for the pit can be carried out in these shops, and it should be said the men engaged in making or repairing tubs are enabled to do all their own iron work and screw their own bolts.

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