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Here's why this is the perfect time, Historic slave plantation in Durham known for brutality, rape and resilience. But, it was the added heartache of being ridiculed and overly judged by her church community that eventually led Tammy to want to help fill a void for young girls and women who find themselves in similar situations.
I grew up in a very, very driven household in a denomination that was very religious. They give me godly, honest answers. My mom showed me how to live this way. I knew God would continue to equip me for the ministry and our calling together.

Focus on yourself and not so much on marriage. What are some of the obstacles you have had to go through to get to this point? Kirk didn’t have much of a childhood and came with a lot of childlike qualities.

Prior to marrying Kirk Franklin, Tammy was a single mother for 5 years and knows first hand the hurt and shame of disappointing her self and … He equipped me for the calling. It’s not the sum total of who you are. I wanted to keep my child—but so many people were discouraging me and telling me to put my baby up for adoption. Tammy Franklin, in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy and accessory charges, spoke to ABC11's Ed Crump from the Swannanoa Correctional Center for Women in western North Carolina about being accused of plotting to kill her husband.

Kirk proposed to both me and my daughter with rings—I knew he was the one I wanted to be with. My faith. 3.

But I had a dream one night of my little girl—the little girl in the dream just said, “God loves you and he’s with you.” And that moment began my true relationship with God. There’s so much energy we put into our kids—put your partner first.

Sometimes it’s getting up earlier.

We met several times throughout our lives and it wasn’t until years later (and several girlfriends and boyfriends later) that we decided to be together. Focus on your own growth and relationship with the Lord. How do you stay encouraged and inspired when you feel hopeless? 5. According to Paul in Corinthians, it’s better to stay single. How do you guard your relationship with the Lord?

10. But at Equipped by Faith, we know Tammy as an incredible mother, an encourager and supporter of women of all ages and backgrounds, and beautiful testament to God’s grace and provision as she encourages others to live in this kind of God-given authority and lives out her life verse of 2 Peter 1:3: “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who has called us by His own glory and goodness.”. Be sure to mark your calendars for next month’s Equipped by Faith gathering with our friend, Cheryl Jackson! As I began my own journey of just coming into relationship with God I began to understand who he really was. We had to fight for our marriage—and I thank God for the godly people in our lives that encouraged us in that.
*LOL* Be preparing yourself. 7. What would you tell women who are single and in the “waiting” season? Marriage is not the end-all-be-all. Tammy Franklin is known by many as the wife of gospel singer, Kirk Franklin. 8.

It’s nice to have isolated time with Him—but I always talk to God at any time of the day.

How did you and your husband, Kirk Franklin, meet? So I often felt like the adult in the relationship. Prior to marrying Kirk Franklin, Tammy was a single mother for 5 years and knows first hand the hurt and shame of disappointing her self and family after becoming pregnant as a freshman in college. Together, they have four children ranging from ages 19 to 31. With just 11 months to go in her sentence, Franklin is speaking out claiming she and her son were set up by an abusive husband and father and a corrupt justice system. My sisterhood and community—they always encourage me. 2. Equipped by Faith is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization created to equip and empower women of faith. I was legally adopted and I had many things that happened in my childhood that I needed to work through later in life. My grandmother was very strict but sprinkled Jesus on everything—and that began a journey for me where God’s presence was very scary for me. We both brought our own issues and our own backgrounds into our marriage. She’s been happily married to her best friend, GRAMMY Award-winning gospel artist, Kirk Franklin, for 24 years. You see our relationship on Instagram, but we have intentionally put in the work. I love having people I can call when I’m having a problem and they’re going to pray with me, encourage me in a Biblical way, and not allow me to speak against my husband. "His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3. When I got pregnant my freshman year of college and the church began to shame me, I became so depressed I almost moved into a home for pregnant girls. I don’t have time for drama. She’s been happily married to her best friend, GRAMMY Award-winning gospel artist, Kirk Franklin, for 24 years. Having kids was an adjustment—but not like you’d think. Remember, what you are dealing with is temporary. 9.

We were so encouraged by your genuine openness and beauty that radiates from the inside out!

Kirk fought loud—and I couldn’t keep up with that. Sometimes it’s going to bed later. There was a 4 year off and on period of marriage counseling for us. Tammy is an Arlington, Texas native who is passionate about family and women. But studying the Word is so important.

After marrying her husband, Tammy decided to quit her job as a makeup artist and devote her time to being a good mother and a loving, supportive wife. Favorite scripture of the moment (or ever)? Especially with moms. We really nurtured the friendship part of our relationship and we determined to be honest with one another. I love having a close group of girls that surrounds me. Read more about Tammy's heart in our interview below!

Tammy is an Arlington, Texas native who is passionate about family and women.

Be okay being single. Keeping our marriage intact. They encourage me in my growth in the Lord.

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