Posted September 21, 2020 in Around the Synod

A lot has happened in the last several months, and it is possible even more changes could be coming. But through it all, as we have sought to be faithful, your Synod has stood with you as you, your congregation and your presbytery have experienced a world most of us have never seen before.

As part of Synod Sunday, we have created bulletin inserts for your congregation to share on this special day. Also this year, Transitional Executive Susan Faye Wonderland brings greetings from the Synod through a short video that can be shown during your online or in-person worship service on a Sunday near the Synod’s Sept. 17 birthday.

What is Synod Sunday? On this day, we invite the congregations and presbyteries in the Synod of the Trinity region to celebrate the gifts and blessings that take place throughout the year in our bounds.


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Bulletin Inserts


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