Posted November 11, 2021 in Around the Synod

The combination of the pandemic and polarization has taken its toll on pastors. Many feel burned out, overextended and under-appreciated. They’re questioning their call, and some are leaving their churches or ministry altogether.

Those who have done the best are in congregations where they have felt deeply valued and appreciated. They are ministers ministered to by their congregations. This gathering of church elders and members offered an opportunity for churches to consider how churches can minister to their pastors so that they feel renewed and restored for ministry.

Led by the Rev. Dr. Standish, PhD, MSW, MDiv, MA — executive director of Samaritan Counseling, Guidance and Consulting, and director of its Caring for Clergy and Congregations program — he works closely with pastors one-on-one as a spiritual director and clergy coach, in groups and as a congregational consultant.

In October, Graham led a workshop on “Sustaining Your Pastor for the Long Haul.”

You can watch a recording of the webinar by clicking here.

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