Our Ends

Carver: Ends define “which owner-oriented results are to be achieved, for whom, and at what cost;” ends focus on an organization’s reason(s) for existence — its mission.

The Synod’s primary end is:

As part of the Body of Christ, the Synod of the Trinity, through the responsible use of shared resources, supports and challenges member Presbyteries to be vital, innovative, and faithful in their collaborative and distinctive callings.

The secondary ends of the Synod are (bolded ends have been emphasized for the work of the Synod by the Governing Commission):

  • Connecting presbytery leadership for coordination, spiritual support and sharing best practices.
  • Encouraging innovation in, between and among presbyteries through the use of human, programmatic and financial resources.
  • Providing services of education and nurture for member presbyteries.
  • Extending partnership of member presbyteries in joint and shared mission and ministry.
  • Nurturing relationships within the larger church for the purpose of greater witness.​
  • Fostering conversation and action for the promotion of justice and righteousness. (Amos 5:24-25)**

For a downloadable and printable version of the Synod’s ends, click here.

** The Synod’s sixth end was changed from “Fostering conversation and action for the promotion of social righteousness” at the 2021 October Synod Assembly gathering. The Governing Commission had suggested a wording change for this end in meetings leading up to the Assembly.