Note from Synod PW Moderator

We were happy to hear from Susan Nesti with this update on her recovery:

I am still recouping, doing good, have another follow-up office visit on Friday (Aug. 27), with hope the staples are removed. Came yesterday from my daughter’s, who lives in Cranberry. It is good to be home.


Suggested Reading for Summer of 2021

In Defense of Kindness by Bruce Reyes-Chow

If you enjoy this, please share it with all your friends, even if they are not Presbyterian Women.


2021 PW Synod Mission Project: MALAWI PRISON MINISTRIES

Crude roads turn a quick trip to Malawi, Africa’s remote prisons into a day’s journey. Desperate inmates yearn for the arrival of Chaplain Rev. Stanley Chimesya. He travels to each of eight prisons taking the Gospel and life-saving supplies to the forgotten children of God. Visits are few, but Rev. Stanley, as he is affectionately called, continues to deliver the hope and light of Jesus, as well as soap, food, water and essential support to the inmates and their families. Through the partnership of Rev. Karen Byrne of the Concord Presbyterian Church (Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery), obtaining a new truck would “make a day’s work multiply in the kingdom.”

Rev. Stanley’s former truck was totaled by bad roads in rural Malawi. He must now hire vehicles to take supplies to the prisons, therefore making his visits rare. The request for funds from Concord Presbyterian Church and Rev. Stanley to purchase the truck will assist in the ministry of this special messenger of the Gospel.

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March 2021 Meeting Recap

Your P.W. Synod C.T. met via zoom on March 8 and was fortunate to have our Churchwide Moderator Jyungin Lee as a guest that morning to speak with us. We were truly blessed on International Woman’s Day!

We would like to thank all of you for supporting the Mission project in 2020. The Synod of the Trinity Presbyterian Women were able to present over $20,000 to The Lighthouse Foundation.

Also, we have heard from many that no gatherings were held during 2020 and some are still on hold at this time due to Covid-19, including our Churchwide Gathering this summer. However, your leaders have remained active, the work of PW has continued, and the business meeting for Churchwide will be held via zoom. Our Lord is in charge and will continue to lead us.

Amen and Amen.

PDF version of the Presbyterian Women’s Administrative Team available by clicking here.

Synod of the Trinity Presbyterian Women Prayer Calendar 2021

PDF version of Prayer Calendar available by clicking here.