Hope is the watchword for the season as well as our posture before a loving God! How wondrous it is, in this season and all seasons, when those in our congregations share with us and live their stories of hope, reflecting a fa300th transparentith in the God of resurrection, whose final word is life.

In 2017, as part of the 300th anniversary of the Synod of the Trinity, we are sharing some of these stories of life and hope in a feature called “Revealing Hope.” And we need YOU to help make that possible.

We are looking to discover these stories through you — stories of the person who has maintained faith and trust while overcoming great obstacles, stories of the person who has consistently seen life’s cup as being half full (at least!) on account of faith, stories of the person who has resisted a downward spiral to turn and live instead with hope in the light … the possibilities go on.

These are the stories we are searching to tell through various media, ones that will be shared throughout our region to help provide hope and inspiration to others.

If you have an idea for a subject, email Communications Coordinator Mike Givler here with the details.

We have already put together several “Revealing Hope” stories:


The son of the Rev. Dr. Kenneth Bailey, David was a singer and songwriter who didn’t let a terminal brain tumor slow him down. View his story here.


Heidi overcame years of abuse and suicidal tendencies to turn her life around, finding a shining light in a friend that she now calls “mom.” View her story here.


Despite a water-pipe break that flooded the building, this congregation has been rejuvenated following a renovation project. Find out more here.


Missionaries from the South Sudan had a great impact on some local boys who were only looking for a free meal. Now the congregation is searching for ways to get them more involved in the life of the church. See the story here.


Learn how this congregation in Erie, PA, embraced its ever-changing neighborhood and in turn has breathed new life into itself in the process. Watch the story here.


The Metropolitan Aids Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance is a million-dollar organization that started with seven people who were on the session at First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. View this story here.


With membership and attendance declining to single digits, this Charleston, WV, congregation reached out to the community — and specifically the neighborhood youth — to stay afloat. Watch here.