Campus MinistryCollege and university campuses are a part of the larger neighborhood in which many of our congregations exist. They are filled with faculty, staff and students — often primarily young adults! How do we reach out to them — both those who have a church affiliation back home, and those who have never known church?

We believe that congregations are called to a special role in making those connections for ministry, whether that role is to provide fellowship, meals, study, worship or a safe space away from campus. Each congregation must consider its own gifts and the needs of the campus to discover its potential role with and for that community. This one-time grant will assist a congregation seeking to develop a new, ongoing campus connection.

To download the Innovation Grant for Congregationally Connected Campus Ministry application, click here. (After downloading this application to your desktop, it should appear as a fillable form. After saving the form, it can be emailed to the Synod of the Trinity at

Note: An entity may only apply for one Synod grant per year. Please choose carefully as you consider your application.

May 1: Funding decisions will be made by June 1
Nov. 1: Funding decisions will be made by Dec. 1