imageedit_1_7964986789With the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in the United States, churches are wisely choosing to hold services online. While that keeps congregations connected, it does not allow for the common way of giving through the weekly offering basket.

The Presbyterian Foundation has a service that allows churches to set up online giving. There is no startup fee nor recurring fee, and the only fee is 2 percent of the transaction. The program guide, application and basic sales sheet along with a sample pew card are linked below. If a church signs up with the Foundation’s online giving program, the church will receive a starter set of 100 pew cards as well. (For additional cards, it may be cheaper to edit the Word file that’s below and print at a local printer or through Vistaprint then to go through the Foundation’s print service.)

Once the application is completed, it can be submitted along with a voided check via email, USPS or fax. It takes 5-7 business days once received from the Foundation’s home office for the site to be live.

There are two Ministry Relations Officers from the Presbyterian Foundation assigned to the Synod of the Trinity region. They are:

Rev. Ellie Johns-Kelley
Phone: 855-251-8212
Region: Pennsylvania and the Northeast Region (territory map here)

Olanda Carr
Phone: 888-711-1318
Region: West Virginia, Upper Ohio Valley and the East Region (territory map here)

For a detailed webinar regarding the Foundation’s online giving service, click here.


Stewardship in a pandemic

Online giving through the Presbyterian Foundation

Online giving sales sheet

Online giving program guide

GivePlus Mobile

Online giving application

Pew giving rack card (PDF and Word versions)

Five of the best church online giving platforms


  • Encourage mailing

  • Set a drop-off time at the church