Posted November 30, 2022 in Around the Synod

Several members of the Presbytery of Philadelphia have joined forces with others from the area to create an online Calendar of Light for this Advent season. The calendar is available below and by clicking here.

Spiritual leaders and interfaith artists from the Philadelphia area have collaborated to make daily posts of spiritual practices for the month of December, which holds celebrations of light from many different traditions. They have shared original songs, poetry, created works of art and music, dancing, chanting, meditations and reflections.

Beginning Dec. 1, the first door in the calendar becomes available. Each day during December, an additional door becomes accessible. Once a door is available to open, it will remain available.

The hope is that you will visit each day when a new door will open to a contemplative practice. The intention is not only to nurture our spiritual well-being, but also to embrace the practices of our neighbor, to incorporate those practices into our own. The goal is to move from these points of connection to the ongoing work of building peace and seeking justice in our communities – together.