Posted September 11, 2023 in Around the Synod

The Presbytery of Redstone has an Addiction Ministry Network, which started in 2016 when a group of pastors and elders decided to meet to discuss possible ways we could help pastors, elders and congregations to get involved in addressing addiction in their communities.

The Network meets to learn more about how to faithfully respond to the opioid crisis and other alcohol and drug problems experienced by our communities.

People suffering from Substance Use Disorders (SUD) live their lives surrounded by fear, shame and hopelessness. The goal is to seek to remind them of God’s love and show them that they are not alone. There have been respondes through Lenten devotions, NARCAN training and distribution, workshops, assisting family with grief, learning about local services, and developing a curriculum and companion videos.

These videos are available through the Synod of the Trinity’s YouTube channel and on the Presbytery of Redstone’s website by clicking here.

NEW!: The Presbytery of Redstone’s Addiction Ministry Network has released a new resource called “Into the Light:  Hope, Faith, and Recovery.” This publication has two objectives: first, it provides background information for a group leader using the curriculum called, Into the Light: Christian Responses to Addiction.” Second, it provides basic addiction education, understanding recovery and how the church can respond to relational and spiritual recovery needs to offer guidance for pastors and church leaders who have little or no knowledge or experience with addiction.

Hard copies of this manual are available through the presbytery, and a PDF version can be downloaded by clicking here.