Posted May 12, 2016 in Around the Synod

Note: Commissioner profiles are appearing regularly in the Synod of the Trinity enews.

FullerFamily (spouse, children, grandchildren, pets): husband Ben; daughter Sarah in Providence, RI; son Jonathan in Winston Salem, NC. Five grandchildren.

In what capacity do you serve (church name and leadership position, presbytery board, synod committee, etc.)?: Moderator of Presbyterian Women at First church, Bloomsburg; ruling elder commissioner, Synod of the Trinity; member of Governing Commission, Synod of the Trinity

In what other capacity have you served in the past (former churches, committees, etc.)?: Synod commissioner when we met at Wilson College (long ago); Nominating Committee, Presbytery of Northumberland; President of Presbyterial, UPW, 1980s

When you’re not serving your church, what can you be found doing?: Reading, embroidery, knitting, cooking, gardening

Describe yourself in one word: Christine

What was your childhood dream job?: Teacher

What steered you into this ministry field?: The nominating committee called me.

What goals do you have while serving as commissioner?: To do my best as the Spirit leads.

Why do you feel God has called you into this position of commissioner?: There must be something I can do that is needed — maybe proofreading, maybe attention to detail, maybe determination to stick with a problem until it is resolved.

Any closing remarks?: I like to think I play well with others.