Posted February 21, 2020 in Around the Synod

Graham StandishSamaritan Counseling, Guidance, Consulting is offering video versions of its recent three-part workshop on how to preach to those who are tuning out Christianity and Church. These dynamic workshops integrate insights from non-typical sources to take a fresh look at how modern media and messaging is changing how people think and listen, and how to adapt our preaching in the face of these challenges. The workshops explore:

  • How to preach across generations.
  • How to preach in a post-modern age.
  • How to preach across multiple intelligences,
  • What “whole-brained” preaching looks like.
  • How to make what we say feel practical, credible, and memorable.
  • How to create an authentic style and voice.
  • Speaking to the heart rather than the head.
  • And much more…

The workshops are led by the Rev. Dr. N. Graham Standish, PhD, MSW, MDiv, based on his 22 years of experience and research in a growing a church that attracted many who had previously walked away. The videos are $30 for all three workshops. If you are interested, click here for access to the videos or more information.