Posted March 12, 2020 in Around the Synod

Communion1The Book of Order allows for bodies to gather virtually and hold communion, with each individual person partaking of their own elements. Read the Advisory Opinion on holding communion in an emergency/pandemic here.

The March meeting of the Governing Commission of the Synod of the Trinity was scheduled as a physical gathering of the commission members in Camp Hill, PA. Due to vacations, illness and injury, the commission instead met via Zoom, a video conference platform.

The meeting had been planned to include the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Although the commission members were not physically present with one another, they were visually and audibly present to one another. Therefore, it was decided to proceed with the Sacrament with each person having their own bread and cup. A Minister of Word and Sacrament was the officant.

The worship included all the elements of worship, which includes the Sacrament: responsive litanies were shared, hymns were sung, prayers were offered, scripture was read, a sermon was preached, the bread was broken, the cup was poured and thanksgiving was offered. The service was fully interactive. The commission members were fully present to each other except physical touch.