IMG_8050Welcome to your work with the Synod of the Trinity! We look forward to meeting you soon.

This page is full of information that you will need to prepare well for this important position.

Please use the materials below in any way you choose, but we suggest the initial videos are a good way to begin.



Intentionally build vital relationships:

  • within your presbytery
  • with commissioners of other presbyteries

Act as conduit of reciprocal communication between presbyteries and with the Synod. Foster active cooperation between Synod and presbyteries for the sake of common mission.

Find a checklist of commissioner roles and qualifications here.

What is the commissioner election process? Find out here.



Training Videos: (if the link does not work, copy and paste it into your browser)

History and Current Work of the Synod (six minutes):

Commissioner Training for new governance plan (23 minutes):


Governance Materials (referred to in video)

Short Synopsis

Policy Governance for the Rest of Us


Trinity PG Manual (Policy Governance Manual)

Governance Process Flow Circle

Please review the Introduction document and the videos before diving into the details of the Manual.

Note that a glossary of terms can be found near the end of the Manual.


2015 Mid Council Task Group Report to Synod

Find here the report the Synod of the Trinity’s Mid Council Task Group presented in Dallas in 2015 in response to the General Assembly’s request that the amount of synods be reduced to 10-12.