Posted December 2, 2019 in Featured News

Logo_for_websiteFirst Presbyterian Church in Morgantown, WV, is the second church in the Presbytery of West Virginia to become a More Light Church and joins only a few others within the Synod of the Trinity region to do so.

More Light Presbyterians, organized as a non-profit in 1992, declared there was “more light to shine forth on the scriptures” regarding the position of LGBTQ persons serving in leadership positions in the PCUSA. Its mission has always been to empower and equip individuals and congregations to live into their welcome for LGBTQIA+ people. More Light has developed interrelated programs to move congregations along a pathway towards full inclusion, improve ministry services for LGBTQIA+ individuals in need, and expand the faith-based movement opposing discriminatory legislation. Their programs help congregations and members build their capacity and develop new skills to deepen their welcome to LGBTQIA+ people within their churches and in their wider communities.

Along with First Morgantown, Spencer Presbyterian Church is also a congregation in the Presbytery of West Virginia affiliated with More Life Presbyterians. In Pennsylvania, there are nine congregations that are also part of the More Life Church movement. A map of those congregations can be viewed here.

MLP’s logo reflects its mission and incorporates the communion elements of bread and wine, as well as rainbow colors evocative of stained-glass church windows. These elements express the hospitality of Christ, and of the welcoming church movement, and the theology and practice of the open table. We are called together as many grains that form one bread. We share one cup.

First Morgantown