Posted June 15, 2017 in Featured News

IMG_6851We’re learning! For the second year, the Synod staff hit the road during May to gather with Synod commissioners and others as we explored topics around hope and resurrection, and listened for areas of possible partnership and networking. We heard from you that this was a helpful kind of exploration, and it got many of you talking to new people and thinking in some new ways.

Topics considered in targeted conversation groups were: Addition, Holy Advocacy, Cultivating Wonder, Telling and living our stories in light of the resurrection, and Engaging the Community with an eye towards young people and new partnerships. Ellie Johns-Kelley shared helpful information about the Presbyterian Foundation at each site. Afternoon worship was a combination of familiar worship pieces woven with conversations about right remembering leading to right action — a format that allowed leaders to experiment with worship form and listen to the responses of participants.

We are grateful for the leadership who joined Synod staff on the road this year (with presbytery affiliation):

  • Barbara Chaapel, Philadelphia
  • Barbara Chalfant, West Virginia
  • Emily Chudy, Donegal
  • Susan Fall, Philadelphia
  • Ellie Johns-Kelley, Lake Erie
  • Megan LeCluyse, Philadelphia
  • David Leslie, Washington
  • Nick Marlatt, Beaver-Butler
  • Lee McDermott, Redstone
  • Steve Shussett, Lehigh
  • Keith Sundberg, Lake Erie
  • Scott Szabo, Donegal
  • Alice Tondora, Redstone
  • Sue Washburn, Redstone
  • Musicians
    – Luke Brady, Krislund Camp and Conference Center
    – Leticia Grutzmann and Andre Januario, First Presbyterian Church, Morgantown, WV

The offering for this year’s regional connections totaled $1,000 for the Freedom Rising Pittsburgh initiative!

Looking ahead: As this piece of our renewed Synod work evolves, we are planning for the presbyteries to have a bigger role in developing the conversations they would like to have together. Stay tuned!

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