Posted November 25, 2019 in Around the Synod

2019 Assembly logo transparentBelow you will find links to videos and other resources that were part of the 2019 Synod of the Trinity Assembly gathering in State College, PA.

Tree of Life Remembrance Service

  • Find worship that honored those who were killed at the Pittsburgh synagogue one year ago.

Presbytery Reports

  • Our presbyteries were challenged to discuss what it means to be “vital, innovative and faithful.”

  • Find photos of each presbytery’s report here.

Girard Presbyterian Church Update (video)

  • Pastor Nicola Vitiello provides the latest on the church building that was destroyed by fire in July of 2018.

Hands Across the Street Ministry (video)

  • Pastor Dave Powers talks about the program at Columbia Presbyterian Church that supports successful food service, clothing and housing ministries.

Kathryn Threadgill (video)

  • The PCUSA’s Coordinator for Vital Congregations explains the current initiative.

Bryce Weibe (video)

  • The denomination’s Director of Special Offerings discusses the latest from his office.