Posted March 12, 2018 in Around the Synod

DoriDori Hjalmarson was installed by the Presbyterian Church in Honduras and is now official for both partners in the Presbytery of Carlisle’s mission co-worker relationship. On the day of her installation to the Presbyterian Church in Honduras she said to the gathered community, “I don’t know what I can say that you haven’t already said to me, except that I am also with you, as God is with all of us together. It touched me to hear the verse ‘Do not be afraid, because God is always with you.’ (Joshua 1:9)

“It put in mind my mother, who some of you met when she visited. She cried four times during the visit because she didn’t want to leave me. But she left finally happy, because she saw the warmth with which you welcomed me, and the care that I feel here, and the love of God that exists between us. And because of this, I am not afraid, because I know that I am not alone. I am with friends, with new family, with a family that has expanded through the grace of God. The body of Christ never ceases to grow, it continues to increase. So, thank you for welcoming me. Now I can’t say anything else, except smile. Thank you.”

Dori’s gracious and thoughtful ways will be a blessing to the presbytery’s partnership in Honduras! Please continue to hold Dori and the Presbyterian Church in Honduras in your prayers.

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