Posted February 1, 2017 in Around the Synod

IMG_5014Crestfield Camp and Conference Center’s Board of Directors recently met for the first time as the relationship changes with Pittsburgh Presbytery. The meeting was exciting, full of enthusiasm and full of wonder. Although the 501c3 preparation and approval process is not finalized yet, the group is forming, developing relationships and working to develop an understanding of Crestfield’s ministry. Please pray for this group as they learn, bond and select leaders.

One issue that the Board began to discern is the change in leadership that Crestfield will be undergoing. After 12 1/2 years of service, Rev. Betty Angelini is answering a new call to God in Birmingham, AL, as the Executive Director of Living River: A Retreat Center on the Cahaba. This call will be essentially a new camp development with not only dreaming, but building. Betty leaves Crestfield on Feb. 20, 2017. Also, Paul Humphreys, Crestfield’s Program Director, has accepted a new call back in New Zealand, his home. He will be doing ministry through Scripture Union both in the wilderness through adventure trips and in the communities.

Rev. Dr. Bruce Byers will act as Interim Pastor Administrator effective Feb. 21, and Marla Kemmler will serve as Interim Program Director in March. Programming will continue at Crestfield under their excellent leadership and the efforts of the ConFluence Young Adults, who are well-trained and experienced in this ministry. The Holy Spirit is in this all.

Read more in the Pittsburgh Presbytery newsletter here.

From Betty Angelini

In the 12 1/2 years of my ministry at Crestfield, the phrase “Sneaky Jesus” has become commonplace. Just when one thinks everything is in place, Sneaky Jesus comes and mixes it up. The change that follows and the accompanying messiness can be exciting, a time of new life. And Jesus has it all planned, ready through the power of the Holy Spirit to be transformative. 2017 will be a time of opportunities and challenges to draw each of us closer to our triune God, to develop and utilize God-given gifts and to remember and realize that Crestfield is truly God’s ministry. How very important it is for all of us to continue to support Crestfield through prayer, time, volunteering and financial gifts during this time. Jesus may initially appear to be sneaky, yet by faith we know that Jesus is walking with us, right there with us. We only need to reach out and touch Jesus; nothing sneaky about it.