Posted June 30, 2016 in Around the Synod

Note: Commissioner profiles are appearing regularly in the Synod of the Trinity enews.

BillFamily (spouse, children, grandchildren, pets): wife, Vicki; six children; eight grandchildren; two cats

In what capacity do you serve (church name and leadership position, presbytery board, synod committee, etc.)?:

  • Synod Commissioner (Class of 2016))
  • Synod Nominating Committee (Class of 2016)
  • Presbytery
    • Stated Clerk Emeritus – Donegal Presbytery
  • Church
    • Pastor Emeritus – Highland (Baltimore Presbytery)
    • Men’s Bible Class Teacher – Little Britain Church

In what other capacity have you served in the past (former churches, committees, etc.):

  • Synod of the Trinity
    • Associate Executive Search Committee
    • Stated Clerk Search Committee
    • Commissioner (2 ½ terms)
    • Personnel Committee
  • Synod of the Piedmont
    • Commissioner (two terms)
    • Presbytery Boundaries Committee
  • Presbytery of Baltimore
    • Stated Clerk – 15 years
    • Council,  Administrative Committee
    • Pastor – Highland Church (23 years), interim pastor of two churches (three years)
  • Presbytery of Donegal
    • Stated Clerk – 16 years
    • Council, Chair of Ecumenical Relations, Property and Insurance, Leader Team
    • Pastor – Chestnut Level Church (nine years), Interim Pastor of eight churches (13 years)

When you’re not serving your church, what can you be found doing?:

  • Volunteer work
    • Historic Fulton Theater, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, Rock Ford Plantation, Robert Fulton Birthplace, Lancaster County Historical Society, Wakefield Lion’s Club
    • Fishing, reading, walking

Describe yourself in one word: Servant

What was your childhood dream job?: Boy Scout Executive

What steered you into this ministry field?: Parents and Sunday School teacher

What goals do you have while serving as commissioner?: Helping to implement the new visions for ministry being discerned by the Synod.

Why do you feel God has called you into this position of commissioner?: To use my talents and 53 years of experience to serve the church of Jesus Christ.