Posted June 1, 2016 in Around the Synod

Note: Commissioner profiles are appearing regularly in the Synod of the Trinity enews.

Wells, KathyFamily (spouse, children, grandchildren, pets): David Hoover and I have been married for 22 years. Between us, we have four children and six grandchildren.

In what capacity do you serve (church name and leadership position, presbytery board, synod committee, etc.)?: I am currently serving as the Director of Christian Education and Mission at the Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church, but I will be retiring on June 30 of this year!!

In what other capacity have you served in the past (former churches, committees, etc.)?: Before coming to Mechanicsburg, I served First Presbyterian Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA, for 10 years. (Wilkes-Barre, 1988-1999; Mechanicsburg, 1999-2016). In fact, at one point I was a representative to the Synod from Lackawanna Presbytery.

When you’re not serving your church, what can you be found doing?: I can be found walking my dog, reading or quilting.

Describe yourself in one word: Blessed. Blessed by God, blessed by my work and all the people I have come to know, blessed by my family, blessed with good health.

What was your childhood dream job?: In high school, I spent half my time wanting to be a director of Christian education and half my time wanting to be a missionary. I am very grateful that my job has enabled some of both, although my mission work is all short-term.

What steered you into this ministry field?: Involvement in a small New England church steered me into church work. Also my mother!! She’s the one who taught Sunday School and took me to church.

What goals do you have while serving as commissioner?: While serving as a Synod Commissioner, I hope to learn more about the work and people of the Synod of the Trinity.