Posted April 20, 2020 in Around the Synod

God has never failed the New Wilmington Mission Conference over 115 years, and surely the Spirit’s grace was evident with the amazing accomplishment of what will be remembered as “the Virtual Conference of 2020” (thanks to the work and expertise of Matt Pagac and a host of others). A strong new class of board members began service last summer. There is clearly a can-do-by-the-grace-of-God attitude. So we are boldly heading into 2021.

Much has been taken from us since there was no in-person conference for the first time in our 115 year history. But already we are seeing blessings growing out of a pandemic that we never would have chosen. For example, it has been said among Board members, “we needed to become a hybrid conference (in-person and virtual), but it would have taken us years to get it done.” Well, by God’s grace, we did it – and much better than anyone could have imagined!

So we are agreed, from now on, NWMC will be a hybrid conference. Hopefully we will be in New Wilmington, PA, together again (July 17-23), and there will be a robust virtual conference, too!

Entering its 116th year, the New Wilmington Mission Conference is the longest-running mission conference in the United States.

More information is available at the NWMC website here.