Posted February 29, 2024 in Around the Synod

Rev. Keith Sundberg, a retired Presbyterian pastor in the Presbytery of Lake Erie, has created a 46-page resource on “How to Prepare and Lead a Healing Funeral Service.” The document includes ways a pastor can prepare a “homily/eulogy” for a service that tells an interpreted story of the person being celebrated. The messages are designed to begin to heal those who loved the deceased and through whom God blessed their lives.

“It’s intended to be read by an individual or as a guide for me to do a workshop for a presbytery,” Keith said. “It’s ideal for a person right out of seminary who is asked to do something on the run.”

The booklet includes seven lessons followed by pages of examples of different ways to do the specific parts of the service. One important section of the resource includes working with funeral homes, something Keith knows well since he served as a funeral director for more than 11 ½ years. It also includes advice on dealing with children and how to handle a pet funeral.

“I hope in the years to come you will find leading funerals as much a personally enriching experience as I have,” Keith said.

The resource is available for free by clicking here. If you have questions for Keith or would like to arrange a speaking engagement, he can be reached by email at