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The Synod of the Trinity

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Synod of the Trinity Assembly Meeting
June 22, 2015 (convenes at 10 a.m.) – June 23, 2015 (adjourns by noon)
The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel – 215 Innovation Blvd., State College, PA 16803
Docket Dated: June 12, 2015


(All paperwork will be available in packets at the Synod Assembly Meeting.)


MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015

8-9 a.m.              Breakfast Buffet: Gardens Restaurant, Ground Floor

  • 7 a.m. — Hot/cold beverages available in meeting area
  • 9 a.m. — Continental breakfast items available in meeting

9-9:50 a.m.          Registration: Executive Suite, Ground Floor

9:55 a.m.             Gathering Music by Ned Wetherald (Read his bio here)

10 a.m.                Opening Worship — Habakkuk 2:1-4

  • Blessing and Distribution of Commissioner Stoles

10:45 a.m.           Introduction of Commissioners, Ex-Officio Members and Guests

10:55 a.m.           Stated Clerk Report

  • Formation of the Roll
  • Declaration of Quorum

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of Docket
  • Seating of Corresponding Members and Guests
  • Approve the 2014 Presbytery Minutes Review Report (download here)
  • Approve Communion for Monday evening worship
  • Designate Offering for Ernesto Badillo Scholarship Fund (download flyer here)
  • March 2015 meeting minutes were approved
  • Year-to-date Financial Report
  • Communications: Update on Presbyterian Mission Agency issues
  • REMINDER: New business due in writing to the Stated Clerk prior to Monday evening worship

Music — Ned Wetherald — Comments about the new PC(U.S.A.) hymnal

11:10 a.m.             Visioning – Part I

11:50 a.m.             Music & Grace

Noon                     Lunch – Gardens Restaurant, Ground Floor

12:55 p.m.             Gathering Music

1 p.m.                    Reconvene: Visioning – Part II

1:45 p.m.               Executive Advisory Team: Nomination of Commissioners to serve on the Governing Commission (download complete Governing Commission list here)

  • Judy Angleberger, Teaching Elder (Beaver-Butler Presbytery)
  • Christine Fuller, Ruling Elder (Huntingdon Presbytery)
  • Harry Johns, Teaching Elder (Presbytery of Lake Erie)
  • Jean C. Kennedy, Ruling Elder (Pittsburgh Presbytery)
  • David Lee, Teaching Elder (Presbytery of West Virginia)
  • David Leslie, Ruling Elder (Washington Presbytery)
  • Kate Sillman, Ruling Elder (Huntingdon Presbytery)
  • Madeline Valentine, Ruling Elder (Presbytery of Philadelphia)

Music — Ned Wetherald

2 p.m.                   Visioning – Part III

2:30 p.m.              Break

Music — Ned Wetherald

3:10 p.m.              First Reading of Standing Rules Revision (download revision here)

  • Stated Clerk Presentation
  • Table Discussions
  • General Questions and Comments

Music — Ned Wetherald

4 p.m.                    Budget & Finance: Chantal Atnip, Treasurer (download income/expense statements here)

  • Audit Report (downloads: Financial Opinion here; Management Opinion here, SAS letter here)
  • 2016 Synod Per Capita Recommendation (download analysis here)

4:20 p.m.              300th Anniversary Update: Mike Givler, Communications Coordinator

4:30 p.m.              Music & Prayer of Thanksgiving

4:35 p.m.              Break for Dinner

5:30 p.m.              Dinner: Senate Room on Main Level

7 p.m.                   Reconvene & Gathering Music – Executive Suite, Ground Floor

7:10 p.m.              Camp Krislund Presentation: Gene Joiner & Ashley Miller

7:30 p.m.              Hymn Sing: Ned Wetherald

New Business due in writing to the Stated Clerk

7:50 p.m.             Worship with Communion

  • Preaching: Gary Lyon, Teaching Elder Commissioner (Kiskiminetas Presbytery)
  • Music Leader: Ned Wetherald
  • Commissioning of Governing Commission

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2015

8-9 a.m.               Breakfast Buffet: Gardens Restaurant

  • 7 a.m. — Hot/cold beverages available in meeting area
  • 9 a.m. — Continental breakfast items available in meeting

9 a.m.                   Gathering Music & Reconvene: Executive Suite, Ground Floor

  • Devotions “New Wineskins” — Rev. Susan Faye Wonderland

9:30 a.m.              Mid-Council Report (to view, click here)

Music — Ned Wetherald

10 a.m.                  Break (check out of rooms)

10:30 a.m.             Reconvene – Music: Ned Wetherald

10:40 a.m.             Peace & Global Witness Offering Presentation

  • Dianne Kareha, Teaching Elder Commissioner (Lehigh Presbytery)

10:50 a.m.             Naming of Commissioners to finalize Standing Rules revision

10:55 a.m.             New Business

11 a.m.                  Group Evaluation of the Meeting

11:20 a.m.             Adjournment

  • Closing Hymn and Prayer

Executive Advisory Team Members: Those staying for the wrap-up meeting, please gather in the McKinnon Board Room after closing prayer.