Synod, Brotherhood Insurance giving back

Posted October 23, 2014

Insurance can be a tricky thing. Sure, when there’s an accident, insurance companies are there to help you out in your time of need. But what if you’re careful and manage to stay out of harm’s way? It can seem like those regular premium payments are being made but nothing is received in return. Thanks…

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West Virginia creates own leadership program

Posted October 2, 2014

Jeremiah 29:11 says, according to the New International Version of the Bible, “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” That in a nutshell is the backbone to the new West Virginia Institute for…

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Crestfield rewarded for fruits of its labor

Posted October 13, 2014

It’s been a pretty good stretch for the Rev. Betty Angelini. The executive director for the Crestfield Camp and Conference Center in Slippery Rock, PA, just turned the corner on 10 years at her post. At the same time, she is part of an organization that received an international award and was also recently given…

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Lights, camera, action! East Liberty PC is stage for movie

Posted October 9, 2014

Vin Diesel sat in the pews for several days at East Liberty Presbyterian Church and also prayed with the Rev. Dr. Randy Bush. Elijah Wood was milling around the hallways and sanctuary there, too, in late September. And they weren’t alone. They brought many friends and co-workers with them to the Pittsburgh church and left…

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West Virginia MAW rebuilding lives amid storms

Posted September 11, 2014

Sometimes it takes a terrible thing to bring about something good. Ever since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the American people have gone out of their way to honor first responders and show appreciation toward the servicemen and servicewomen who have dedicated their lives for their country’s safety and freedom. That same year a…

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Edmondsons getting most out of six-month call to Rwanda

Posted September 10, 2014

Boyd Edmondson was at a crossroads. He had been called to be a preacher, but a tragic event involving his family made him question what exactly his mission in life was. As it turned out, Edmondson decided to fulfill his commitment to attend a mission trip to Rwanda soon after the tragedy, and it ended…

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Kensington finds shining light at Beacon

Posted September 24, 2014

At first glance, a visitor might see the rough edges around Kensington and miss the strengths and stories that co-pastors Rev. Rebecca Blake and Rev. Karen Rohrer work at to encourage and uplift. A historically industrial Philadelphia neighborhood with residents who still take great pride in working with their hands, Kensington has seen many factories,…

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Krislund giving churches new summer excitement

Posted September 9, 2014

Revitalization. It’s a common word used these days surrounding many churches and church organizations. Numbers are in a decline, and leaders are looking at ways to boost attendance and energy in order to survive. During the summer of 2014, Krislund Camp and Conference Center seems to have found a way to help itself in this…

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Abington PC continues year-long celebration of 300th birthday

Posted September 3, 2014

A president has attended worship there. Ten other churches have spawned from it. And for 300 years, it has survived wars, depressions and even a building-leveling fire that would have caused numerous other entities to close their doors. But Abington Presbyterian Church has flourished despite any obstacle that has come its way. That in itself…

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